Stephen, who I have been having lessons with for a year, has already helped me achieve my Grade 3 exam. He always is a patient teacher who wants to make sure I am doing the best I can with what he has taught me. Also he has become an inspiration to me because he is such a good piano player that I want to be like him. Thank you so much Stephen for being a fantastic teacher.

Grace, Locks Heath

I started my piano lessons with Stephen after I had changed a few music teachers with none of whom I had really enjoyed my lessons, and it was mostly kind of doing my piano lessons well because mum and dad expect me to. However as soon as I started my lessons with him, as if a revolution had happened in me. He is such a fantastic teacher, he changed my perception of music. He is just so patient, kind, understanding, intelligent, and such a lovely soul. I truly enjoyed each and every lesson I had with him. I completed my Grade 8 with distinction just recently. I would love to carry on my lessons with him towards diploma as soon as I get back to Southampton again. Genuinely, I believe I have been extremely lucky to have had such an amazing teacher.

Mateen, Haifa, Israel

I think that Mr Walford is a brilliant teacher, he is a very nice person and I absolutely enjoy my lessons with him. He teaches me piano very well and very quickly and thanks to him i can play pieces i once dreamed of playing. I started my lessons with Mr. Walford from scratch when I was eight years old. Now at the age of 13 I am doing my grade 7 and I intend to carry on to get my diploma. Mr. Walford is so friendly and kind and I enjoy every moment of my lessons with him.I thoroughly recommend this teacher and I hope your child is lucky enough to get such a brilliant teacher.

Neema, West End 

Stephen has been my piano teacher for 8 years- he makes learning to play fun and is always a very patient and inspiring teacher. I'd definitely recommend him!


Sophie, Hedge End

I would recommend Stephen as he is patient and very gifted at teaching. I have really enjoyed my lessons which I have had for 5 years and I am now working towards my grade 7 exam.


Charlotte, Hedge End

I enjoy my piano lessons with Mr Walford. He has helped me a lot. He is very kind, patient and puts me at ease.

Daniel, Hedge End