About My Piano Lessons 

To learn an instrument is one of the most satisfying things one can do. It adds an outlet; another dimension to what is often a hectic life for most people. Most notably, it provides a wonderful form of relaxation and sense of achievement. In my teaching, my first priority is to ensure that all pupils from the youngest to the oldest experience the pleasure of learning in an informal atmosphere. Twenty years of teaching in the Hedge End area have proved that the most progress is made when the student learns with a positive, optimistic approach. With these foundations in place, the serious side of technique and musicianship can develop leading the pupil to enjoy practising at home and thus make rapid progress. 

Lessons can be thirty, forty-five or sixty minutes depending on the requirements of the pupil, and exams (Trinity or Associated Board) can be taken by those who desire to follow that route. My philosophy on teaching is to ensure that nobody of whatever age feels patronised; all must feel that they can form a relationship with the teacher where they are able to ask questions if they dont understand something- without feely that they shouldnt need to-and have things explained as many times as is needed. for adult pupils especially this is very important.

For anyone interested in learning the piano, I would say give it a try and see the benefits of making music. It is a treasure that really is something special. I can help you in time to play the great masters: Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart and a host of others. With patience and practice, all this is possible!